ADI Part 3 Test Book - The Essential Guide to ADI Part 3
ADI Part 3 Test Book - The Essential Guide to ADI Part 3

Are you about to take the ADI Part 3 Test?
Have you failed the ADI Part 3 Test?
Are you having trouble understanding what ADI Part 3 is about?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions
it's ESSENTIAL that you read this book...

The ESSENTIAL Guide To ADI Part 3 is everything the PDI needs to
understand the ADI Part 3 Test and HOW to pass it.

If you weren't sure what the Part 3 Test is about - you will be after reading this book...


It's amazing how much time, money and effort trainees put into getting through the part 1 and part 2 tests but don't even understand what Part 3 - the hardest test - is about!

Fact: SUCCESSFUL ADI Part 3 Test candidates have a
CLEAR understanding of what is required of them during the Part 3 Test!

In The ESSENTIAL Guide, the ENTIRE Part 3 Test is taken apart piece by piece and explained in CLEAR and EASY TO UNDERSTAND language - NO jargon here! Produced by DITA, it follows the same philosophy for ease of use as their other teaching aids which are used & recommended across the Driving Instructor industry.

The easy to learn format of this book will remove all confusion and give you the ESSENTIAL tools, tips and techniques needed for that SUCCESSFUL test - many PDIs pay thousands of pounds for a course and are still unsure about the ADI Part 3 Test at the end! How do we know? We've done the courses & also helped many, many PDIs that had failed Part 3!

Don't leave it until your 3rd attempt at Part 3 before trying to understand it!
The sooner you learn this information
the easier you will find your Part 3 training AND Part 3 test...

As fully qualified Ordit Registered Instructor Trainers and ADIs we guarantee that this book is THE missing link between being a PDI and becoming a qualified Driving Instructor. There is a common reason behind why this missing link exists...

PDIs don't understand what's required in Part 3!

It's as simple as that! A trainee needs ALL aspects of the Part 3 Test explained in a clear and easy to understand language so that on test day, they know what to expect and how to deal with it. Unfortunately, there are many, many Driving Instructor courses that leave trainees completely under qualified to take the Part 3 Test

How the ADI Part 3 Test book works...

The ESSENTIAL Guide To Passing The ADI Part 3 Test has taken a lot of time and effort to put together using knowledge and help from DSA Examiners, Ordit Registered Instructor Trainers & ADI's. Also, to ensure that the book is in an easy to understand format, we used feedback from PDI's.

Crucially - this book CLEARLY explains what the test is about, how it works AND deals with the aspects of how a Supervising Examiner likes to be taught and what they like to hear when role playing a 'pupil'.

Beware - an interview with just one DSA Examiner will never give the full picture of the Part 3 Test! This is because every DSA Examiner is different. Also, the answers the Supervising Examiner gives won't mean anything to you if you don't understand how the test works in the first place!

The layout of the book has been designed by experienced graphic artists so that it can be absorbed and learnt in easy to remember bite size chunks. The reader can dip into the book at any point of their part 3 training - whether studying a specific Pre-Set Test or learning what the marking sheet means for example.

The lessons have been professionally proof read to ensure clarity of language. The teaching style is easy to understand - the techniques, tips and information in the book would be virtually impossible to convey in such a concise manner if taught in a classroom scenario.

Who the ADI Part 3 Test book will help...

In a nutshell - anyone who is trying to pass the Part 3 Test!

Anyone who has studied for and/or taken a ADI Part 3 Test knows how difficult it is to understand how the test works - whether it's the marking system, how to deal with the supervising examiner, what level to pitch the lesson at, how to question the test 'pupil' to get the ESSENTIAL answers you need, etc., etc., etc.

Even the most expensive courses can leave you with a minefield of information that never makes any real sense - we've all been there!

How the ADI Part 3 Test works and what you are expected to do needs to be crystal clear in your mind on the day of your test. Which is exactly what this book aims to do - to clarify every single piece of the Part 3 Test for the trainee - from how to deal with the supervising examiner, what to ask, what to cover, how to approach the teaching style, etc., etc., etc.

What's in the new ADI Part 3 books...

The knowledge you gain from this book will be invaluable when it comes to your test. You will even be able to spot whether you are currently getting inferior Part 3 training. this book has already saved time, money and heartache for many PDIs.

By using the sought after information from DSA Examiners and Ordit Trainers you are immediately setting yourself on the road to SUCCESS. Get ahead of the pack by learning exactly what Part 3 is about and the best way to tackle it. The sooner you read this book - the easier you will find your Part 3 training AND Part 3 test.

ADI Part 3 Test Book - The Essential Guide to Passing ADI Part 3

The ESSENTIAL Guide to the ADI Part 3 Test
will be available in October...

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